Real Estate Email Marketing to help you generate and nurture leads.

“The average person spends 13 hours a week reading & responding to email.”

Send personalized emails
in 3-clicks.

Save time and impress your clients.

Easily select one, dozens, hundreds or thousands of leads in your pipeline and send them the right message, at the right time.

Start nurturing prospects from cold, to warm to hot leads until they’re ready to buy.

Get started with real estate

Create your own templates or use our templates based on industry best practices.

Save time while selling to your customers using email nurture campaigns. With personalized emails you’ll get more opens and clickthroughs.

Say hello to more leads by suing email marketing automation that’s design for real estate.

Email metrics to identify & respond
to HOT leads fast.

Monitor and get notifications when emails are opened, clicked and responded to.

You’ll increase your chances to set appointments by 90%, if you can respond o emails opened within the first 2 minutes.Plus, easily find out what works.

Start generating leads with actionable marketing insights.

“Prosperna gives me everything I need to sell and market more efficiently
and effectively. CRM, texting,mass email and landing pages, done!”

Randall, South + Main

What makes Prosperna so awesome?

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in the Philippines

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