Real Estate CRM to help you manage all your client and
prospect relationships in one place.

See all lead information in one place.

Stay on top of all your leads.

From basic contact information all the way to deals, notes, tasks, calls and emails. Get a single view of all your customer interactions in an easy-to-view timeline.

Finding new opportunities means having access to all your information, anywhere, all-the-time.

See all lead information in one place
Sync your sales emails with Gmail

Sync your sales emails with Gmail.

The Prosperna CRM automatically syncs with your Gmail.

Save time and start tracking all of your contacts and email conversations in one place. Say no to lost emails and contact information.

Start improving relationships and improve lead follow up without lifting a finger.

Pipeline visibility made easy.

Get a visual snapshot of where all your prospects are in the sales process.

Consistent sales performance means understanding exactly what you need to do as a real estate agent to move the deal forward.

Easily add deals and activities to your pipeline with our easy drag ‘n drop interface.

Pipeline visibility made easy

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