How we do Facebook & Instagram Marketing

We attend annual global Facebook workshops and base our campaigns on regional specific
best practices focused on acquisition & retargeting.

Acquisition Campaigns

Driving new visitor traffic to your site is the main goal.

We use a combination of interest targeting and lookalike audiences built from your past customer and lead email lists.

We also trying experimental campaigns such as Instagram stories video ads and lead ads to try to find the most profitable funnels for your business.


Retargeting Campaigns

We create DPA (dynamic product ads) to create brand or product recall.

These are ads that are shown to people who come to your site and leave without buying.

The ads are powerful sales generators because they're customized to each individual visitor depending on the actions they take on the site. We can record when a user: Views a collection, Views a product, Adds a product to cart. We then customize the ad creative, collection, product and copy it to match their actions.

We also show the right message at the right time to re-engage the visitor and get the cheapest possible cost per acquisition.