Get real-time reports to track, measure and plan your leads,
pipeline & sales.

Real-time Data

Reduce the time it takes to organize and summarize all the metrics you need to run your real estate business.

Prosperna dashboards give you real-time data reporting with zero-effort.

Save time, increase productivity and focus on selling!

Real-time Data
Sales Insights

Sales Insights

Being successful means understanding the numbers, but quickly and easily.

Prosperna dashboards gives you beautiful visual reports that allow you to know where your leads are coming from, what activity drives your success and which leads need nurturing.

Start improving your sales effectiveness today.

Pipeline Visibility

Sales is a numbers game built on relationships.

Stay on top of every qualified opportunity by better understanding what stage their in and how to move them forward to close.

Increase sales by knowing exactly what to do and when.

Pipeline Visibility

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