Prosperna is the only platform & online community dedicated to helping real estate professionals in the Philippines reach the success
that they’re looking for.

“There’s nothing we’re more passionate about than helping real estate professionals in the Philippines reach their full potential.”

Dennis Velasco

CEO, Founder

While I’ve spent most of my 15 year corporate career in the software and technology industry, I started investing my own hard earned money in real estate when I was 23 years old. Ever since then, I’ve continued to build my real estate portfolio across the US to the Philippines.

Along the way, I’ve experienced several real estate market cycles. Many ups, and a few downs. Either way, I always learned something new each time and through each person I met on the journey, at which made me more successful each time around.

From there, I noticed several key success factors and as the industry continues to rapidly change and evolve, other real estate professionals and myself found it difficult to keep up with what’s new.

To overcome these challenges, we created Prosperna because every real estate professional in the Philippines encounters similar problems that we wanted to help fix:

  • Selling and marketing more effectively, efficiently and smarter
  • Staying up to date with Philippine industry market trends
  • Learning best practices on sales & marketing to create success
  • Understanding the impact of technology on the real estate business

So far, it’s been an amazing journey and the most rewarding part of our work is seeing and sharing the measurable results and growth, as well as the success of our community.

If you also share the same passion about growing your real estate business and career in the Philippines, join us on our mission!

Our mission

Our mission is to help real estate professionals in the Philippines grow their business and career. We love what we do and our work as a team is
always fun. Lucky for us, it doesn’t feel like a “j-o-b”.


After looking at different CRM software, I finally found one that fits my real estate business needs at an affordable cost. Thanks Prosperna!

Raffy, Re-Max

As a new sales agent, Prosperna helped me accelerate sales by consistently communicating the right message to prospects.

Izel, Filigree

After thirty years in the business, there’s finally a solution that’s fit and priced for the Philippine Market. Great job Prosperna!

Loredo Realty

Prosperna gives me everything I need to sell and market more efficiently and effectively. CRM, texting, mass email and landing pages, done!

Integrity Real Estate

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